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Your MINT Card account is changing

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MINT Credit Cards

Q: What is happening to the MINT brand?

A: As part of the Royal Bank of Scotland's plans for the future, there are a number of rebranding activities underway to harmonise our brands.

Q: What impact will the rebranding have on my credit card account?

A: MINT Card customers will simply move to a Royal Bank of Scotland credit card under the same terms and conditions as before, apart from:

  • removal of the annual fee (If you were paying one)
  • flat rate customers will move to the standard payment structure.

You will also not need to sign a new Consumer Credit Agreement, there will be nothing for you to sign.

Q: When is this change happening and what communication will I receive about it?

A: You will receive an initial communication between 8th - 26th January 2018 letting you know about the migration. You will be migrated from your MINT Card to your new Royal Bank of Scotland credit card over a six-week period, from 12th February 2018. Once the migration has taken place, you will receive your Royal Bank of Scotland credit card in the post.

Q: Will the migration affect my credit rating?

A: No

Q: Is there a way of delaying the migration (holidays coming up, etc.)?

A: No, we are unable to delay the migration. However, your MINT Card will still remain active for 45 days after the migration.

Q: Do I have to migrate?

A: We are looking to harmonise our brands within the Royal Bank of Scotland Group as part of this process MINT customers will be migrated to an RBS credit card account.

However, before this transfer takes place you can close your MINT account or apply to transfer it to one of the RBS credit card accounts that are currently available. To see our other Royal Bank of Scotland credit cards, click here

Q: Will I need to sign a document for the migration to happen?

A: No, there is no need for you to sign anything.

Q: I have heard all MINT customers are migrating to Royal Bank of Scotland but I have not heard anything. Can you advise?

A: The migration is a staged event, so notification of the migration will be mailed to groups of customers on:

  • 8th January 2018
  • 15th January 2018
  • 22nd January 2018
  • 24th January 2018

Certain accounts will receive a letter stating that further communications will be from the Royal Bank of Scotland going forward.

Q: When will I receive my new credit card? Can I use it straight away and will it be contactless?

A: Depending on the date we migrate your account, you will receive your new credit card between 12th February and 23rd March 2018. You will be able to use your credit card immediately for chip and pin transactions. After you have used chip and pin for the first time, your credit card's contactless feature will be activated.

Q: Can I keep the same credit card number and can I keep the same PIN?

A: Your PIN will remain the same but we need to generate a new credit card number for you. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Q: I already have Royal Bank of Scotland credit card(s). Will this affect the migration?

A: No, but you will still receive a new Royal Bank of Scotland credit card.

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Q: Will my regular payments and saved details automatically transfer over to my new Royal Bank of Scotland credit card, e.g. Amazon, etc?

A: No, you will need to update any recurring transactions (e.g. Amazon, internet or magazine subscriptions, gym membership etc) by notifying the company you pay (e.g. Amazon, Internet Service Provider) of your new card details.

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Q: Will my direct debit automatically transfer over to my new Royal Bank of Scotland credit card?

A: Yes, any Direct Debit you may have set up to make payments to us will stay the same.

The Direct Debit payment will appear on your Bank Statement with one of the following narratives based upon your card type:

Card Type


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Q: I am going through a dispute on my credit card. Will this be affected?

A: No

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Q: I have made a payment to my old credit card number in error. Can you advise?

A: The payment will be redirected to your new credit card account. Just make sure you make payments to your new credit card number going forward.

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Q: Once I have received my new RBS card can I still use Cards OnLine to manage my credit card account?

A: Yes, your log in details will stay the same but you will need to log in using the RBS website.

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Q: Can I manage my credit card account using the Royal Bank of Scotland app?

A: Yes, if you are registered for Digital Banking. If you are not registered, once you receive your new credit card, click here to register(both VISA and MasterCard branded customers can register). This will generate a customer number for you to download the app. You do not need an RBS Current Account to register.

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