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Steps we're taking to keep you safe

Make no mistake - we take your security very seriously indeed. In fact, we've invested in a host of measures that help protect you and your money

Fraud detection systems

We are committed to protecting our customers against fraud which is why a member of our team or our automated system may try and contact you in an attempt to reach you as quickly as possible and safe guard your account.

Although we can't share all of our checklists with you, our fraud detection system looks out for unusual patterns. This could mean that your recent spending is similar to current fraud trends that our other customers are experiencing, or you are using your card in countries which have been targeted by fraudsters previously.

To help us in our fight against fraud please ensure that all your contact details are accurate and up to date.

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Log in security

Although we ask for your username, we only ask for 3 random characters from your Security Personal Identification Number (PIN) and password on our online banking login page. If a fraudster was able to record or see the responses you enter, they would still find it extremely difficult to gain unauthorised access to your account. As part of the log-in screens you will also see various warning messages, as well as confirmation of any mobile phone or email details we hold - this allows you to identify whether any changes have been made without your knowledge.

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Auto log-off

When you log in to our online services, the system will constantly monitor what you do - and log you off if it senses you're inactive. This helps you stay protected if other people can access your computer.

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Temporarily disabling your online account

If a fraudster has some - but not all - of your security details, they may try to guess the rest. That's why we will temporarily disable your account if someone makes too many failed attempts to log in.

But don't worry if you've simply forgotten some of your security details. Just follow the instructions on screen to regain access to your account.

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'Traffic lights' - extended validation certificates

Do you use an up to date Internet browser? (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 3 or Safari 3.2 and above).

When you successfully log in to our online banking service, the address bar (which starts with 'https://') will turn green.

The name for this 'traffic light' system is extended validation certificates. Fraudsters are known to use certificates to try and legitimise their site, green traffic lights ensure that extra verification of the company has been undertaken. It's an extra way of helping you check that a website is safe, secure and trustworthy.

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Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

Online credit card and debit card fraud is growing, but these two systems help protect you.

They work by asking for a password on top of the usual credit card security details.

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