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Personal Safety

Personal safety

Watch out when you're vulnerable

Take care when using a cash machine

It makes sense to be aware of others around you when using banking facilities such as cash machines, or chip and PIN devices in shops.

Here are some handy hints to help protect you and your card:

Stand close to the machine and shield the keypad, so that nobody can see you enter your PIN

Don't accept help from strangers and don't let anyone distract you

If someone looks suspicious or gets too close while you're using the machine, cancel the transaction and move away

When you have finished your transaction, put your card and money away quickly before you leave the machine

At shop checkouts, keypads are usually shielded against prying eyes, but you should still try to prevent anyone looking over your shoulder as you enter your PIN

Keep your laptop, mobile phone and any other devices safe

Remember to look after your laptop, mobile phone and other devices at all times. These should always be kept in your possession, especially when travelling.

Here are some handy hints when on the move:

  • Never leave your laptop logged on and unattended in public, for example when socialising after work or in airport lounges
  • Never use your laptop or mobile phone in situations where you can be seen or overheard by third parties, such as on the bus or train or in a hotel lobby
  • Never discuss confidential or business related information in public places, whether face-to-face or on a mobile phone
  • Lock your mobile phone and secure your laptop when not in use