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How to Protect Yourself

Credit card fraud

If you need to report Fraud in relation to a MINT Personal Credit Card, you should telephone 0345 300 4350 (24 hours a day).

From outside the United Kingdom, please telephone (0044) 126 850 8020 (24 hours a day).

You can reverse the charges on calls from abroad through the international operator when calling from a landline. Calls may be recorded.

How we may contact you

We are committed to protecting our customers against fraud which is why we may try and contact you using our automated system or an operator in an attempt to reach you as quickly as possible.

Although we can not share all of our checklists with you, our fraud detection system looks out for unusual patterns. This could mean that your recent spending is similar to current fraud trends that our other customers are experiencing, or you are using your card in countries which have been targeted by fraudsters previously.

If you have received a call or voicemail from us about your credit card, please call us back on 0345 356 0020 as soon as possible.

If we do not hear from you we may send a letter asking you to contact us.

To help us in our fight against fraud please ensure that all your contact details are accurate and up to date. Calls may be recorded.

Report suspicious emails and scam

If you have received a fraudulent or suspicious email, which you have not responded to please forward the e-mail to

If you have responded to the email please call the Online Fraud team on 0345 300 4350

Calls may be recorded.

Stop, think and save your cash

Always report details of any suspected scam to Action Fraud